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Let yourself be carried away… you’ll find out that every scent has a story to tell!

Balsamic and mentholated

With mint, eucalyptus and dew.
It’s a clean, greenish and revitalizing scent.

Floral and fresh

With orange blossoms, blackcurrant and sage.
It’s an energizing and giving serenity scent.

Sweet and spiced

With cinnamon, oat and vanilla.
It’s a comforting and cozy scent.

Powdery and gourmand

With whit musk, vanilla and sugar.
It’s a scent to appreciate until the last flame.

Grassy and woody

With lavender, chamomile and white flowers.
It’s a scent that will bring you to the night.

Floral and fruity

With fig, cassis and hay.
It’s a gourmand scent, to be enjoyed til the end.

Toasted and aromatic

With coffee, caramel and milk.
It’s a scent that will awake all of your senses.


With butter, milk and honey.
It’s a scent that brings you back in a parisian café.


With green tea, bergamot and jasmine.
It’s a scent that arouses all your senses.

Slow made for slow moments
Artisan candles

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