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slow living: a rare and precious life’s concept

Around this idea I created my brand.

I wished that, the philosophy behind slow down and living my time with care, was the foundation of everything I would have built in the following months.

And I’m so grateful I can experience this everyday!

My name is Alice and I welcome you in my world, where time goes slowly and the scent spreads in the air.

I like to imagine having you here with me, while we drink a cup of hot tea and outside the window the snow covers everything, enticing staying by the fireplace.

If you’ll want I’ll be your travel mate in this journey among home warmth and scents, searching elegance and simplicity.


I am born and raised in Mugello, a place surrounded by green hills and mountains, just outside Florence. The small village, the wind in the leaves, the peace that you can breathe, brought me to a slow way of life.

I live here with my husband and first supporter Enrico, our cat Menta and our chocolate lab Gea.

In 2020 I graduated in Psychological Sciences and Techniques, one of the best goals I achieved.

A few months later I attended an Aromatherapy master’s degree and since that moment I realized I wanted to make a change in my life.

I strongly believe that everything can be forgotten, but a scent stays forever impressed in our memories, so in the same year’s winter I combine psychology with fragrances all framed by the Slow Living.

Lunaria is born right this way: in a cold winter night surrounded by the peace when you’re in your home and you’re not missing anything. Slow made for slow moments…

I wish my candles could bring this kind of comfort also in your home, this feeling of peace of mind. I wish my candles could warm you up in your hardest moments and light its flame in your happiest moments.

With their gentleness they could decorate every corner in your home and the elegant and simple shapes would be in harmony with every kind of design. And if you have a special event, I’ll also help you, leaving your guests open-mouthed.

Honesty and timeliness!

With this two simple features you play it safe with me: I love honest people and yes, I always on time, I think it’s the first sign of respect towards others.

The Slow Living helps a lot with this, because you can better manage your time.

Dreamer and eternal undecided!

You know, we Gemini people, we’re like that: we have a billion ideas and we can’t decide.

Winter, Far North and a hot tea!

Lifelong I have thing with the winter season, when it rains or snows and the sky is dark, is when I’m more creative.

Consider that my husband made me the proposal in December in Lapland, under the Northen Lights and with -30°C outside and we get married in the next year’s December , with a winter wedding among candles and Christmas tree. And the honeymoon? Alaska and Canada, the Far North is truly our passion.

And if we add a hot tea, freshly baked biscuits and a candle, you made me happy.

Let’s light up the mood together!

I open for you my scented lab’s doors!

Where soy wax is melting, fragrances are mixed to find the right blend and  where love and a bit of magic add the final touch.

The whole thing slowly, where waitings are comfortable.

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Slow made for slow moments
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